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Comprehensive Financial Management

Detailed review and analysis of all facets of your financial situation including cash flow analysis, retirement planning, risk management, investment management, tax management and estate planning

“We don’t just focus on investments. We cover all areas when it comes to wealth management. We provide our clients with a live connection to their assets in one place with real time data, which helps us provide monthly budget planning, cash flow analysis, online bill paying, check writing and debit card services.”

Account Aggregation

Compiling information from bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, outside plan sponsored retirement accounts and other consumer accounts in a single place.

“We organize your accounts in an understandable and holistic way to offer efficient financial planning and overall investment allocation.”

Insurance Planning

Determining the right level and types of coverages, weighing costs vs. benefit and examining exclusions

“Insurance is a vital tool for ensuring that you and your family are secure in your financial goals. We look at the benefits of consolidating policies and using the excess cash flow to pay for enhanced benefits for you and your loved ones. “

Educational Funding Strategy

Guidance to tax-efficiently optimize the available options from college savings plans, student loans, retirement account offsets and income shifting

“If you ‘overspend’ on your children’s with education costs, you could damage your ability to retire comfortably at a reasonable age. We develop strategies appropriate to your unique situation to make the most of traditional funding vehicles and tax savings to balance the full range of your educational funding needs.”

Debt Management

Strategic planning to eliminate high-interest, unsecured debt and using liability debt payments to work toward your financial goals

“We evaluate your entire current financial situation, not just your liabilities, to create a plan that most efficiently gets you on the correct path that supports your longterm planning goals.”

Strategic Borrowing

Developing a plan to create affordable liquidity that does not sacrifice potential asset growth or long-term financial planning goals

“Effective financial planning is not just about your assets. We show you how efficient debt financing can be a vital component of growing your net worth, improving cash flow and accomplishing your long-term planning goals.”

Retirement Planning

Planning for life after income-producing work ends to understand when you will quit working, where and how you will live, and how you can provide the best, tax-efficient level of income for yourself

“Whether you are just starting out in life or enjoying your post retirement years, we can help you understand and plan for the best use of your income, assets and opportunities.”

Distributions Strategy

Evaluating IRA rollover options, including beneficiary designations, to meet retirement income goals and minimize income and estate taxes.

“We look at all potential scenarios to create a tax-efficient plan for how you should utilize retirement savings and income to ensure longterm security and cash flow.”

Retirement Tax Strategy

Timing and prioritizing the distribution and liquidation of tax-deferred and taxable retirement funds

“We strive to minimize tax consequences and maximize compound growth throughout your retirement.”

Social Security Analysis

Custom cost-benefit analyses of the effects of structuring and claiming benefits as part of your broader financial picture

“We help you understand the many factors that affect how much you could benefit from the Social Security program, from structuring employer-sponsored healthcare contributions during your earning years to delaying benefit claims that could put you in an unfavorable tax bracket”

Long-Term Care Planning

Understanding the services that are available and developing a plan for housing, health, legal and financial decisions if the need for long-term care arises.

“Few can know in advance if they will need long-term care, but we can help you be prepared and have a plan in place if an unanticipated accident, illness or injury changes your needs.”


A plan for your future income and expenditures that serves as a guideline for spending and saving

“We help people with incomes and expenses of all sizes to make informed, conscious decisions about how they’d like to allocate their money.”

Income Projections

A formal document that takes into account all projected revenues and earnings to calculate potential tax consequences

“We create tax-planning strategies to minimize the total tax burdens and complement short- and long-term objectives. A detailed cash-flow analysis can show what you really need to earn in order to continue to live a life you are accustomed to.”

Estate Planning

Anticipating the management and disposal of your estate to minimize gift, estate, generation skipping transfer and income tax

“Estate planning is not just deciding what goes to whom. We help you feel secure that your assets will transfer the way you want with the least amount paid in taxes, legal fees and court costs.”

Trusts and Wills

A will is a document that expresses your final wishes and legally ensures they will be carried out. A trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries.

“No matter your age or place in life, it is vital to have an updated will in place to protect your beneficiaries and estate. We help you make sure your will accurately reflects your financial picture and takes into account adjustments for tax efficiency. There are many types of trusts that can help with this process. We help you understand and choose the ones that best meet your goals.”

Powers of Attorney

A written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, business or some other legal matter

“As your investment advisor, we take on a fiduciary role to act in your best interest when it comes to managing your money. Through discretionary trading, we can actively monitor and shape accounts as we deem necessary, letting you focus on other parts of your life.”

Succession Plans

A plan for the orderly transfer of a business or estate from the current owners to the next generation with minimal disruption and tax consequence

“We take succession planning seriously for ourselves and our customers. Macaluso Wealth Management is a multi-generational firm situated to serve you and your heirs, evaluating, expanding and preserving your wealth for generations.”

Generational Wealth Transfer

Building wealth of generations

“The wealth transfer from the Baby Boomers to the Millennials is expected to be enormous. We specialize in getting to know and working with you and your heirs so the goals you’ve set together are maintained and built upon.”

Charitable Giving Strategy

Selecting giving tools that tax-effectively align with your personal preferences and philosophy

“We help you focus your generosity with strategic philanthropic plans that maximize your charitable impact and tax benefit for both current and long-term giving objectives.”

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